Facebook ads. They pop up constantly. They are bright, they catch your eye and yet 65 per cent of people who use them are losing money.

Time and again I will meet with a client and they will ask me about Facebook ads. Either they’ve tried them and haven’t had much success, or they have been told they need to try them but don’t know where to start, or worse still, they have spent squid-loads of cash, signed up for a huge campaign and have absolutely no idea if it is going to work, or not.

Don’t get me wrong! Paying to “boost” your Facebook posts and/or placing money into a dedicated Facebook advertising campaign can reap rewards and can definitely help you to engage with potential customers. However, you need to carefully consider what you are going to spend and where and when.

I just cannot fully see the logic in dedicating an entire social media advertising budget to one stream, particularly when a platform such as Facebook offers so much for free. It’s all about how you make it work for you!

By now you should know all about the back end of your Facebook business page and the plethora of information freely available to you. And if you don’t yet know, then you need to book a Media Flair discovery session soon!
There’s all kinds of amazing resources and fabulous information literally at your fingertips – not only can you can find out how many people are looking at your page but you can break it down into the time of day, the types of posts they prefer to engage with, their gender/age/location and so much more.
The details at hand are gold nuggets for business owners.

So once you know where to find them, you need to know what to do with them! Think about it this way, if you had an ice cream kiosk and you knew that every afternoon from 4pm your customers would be looking in your window would you only open your store until noon? Of course not!

You would time your business hours to make the most of your captive audience. Well guess what? Your Facebook page has that too, you just need to look! Analyse this information and you will soon feel very empowered.

When you know what time of day your customers are online, and when you know if they prefer photos/videos/web links/special offers then you can incorporate these things into your campaign.

“But Lisa, they’re all online at 8.30pm at night when the store is closed, what do we do then?”

I have two words for you: Scheduled posts

Yes, thanks to the clever clogs at FB headquarters you can schedule your status updates for the times people are online. (Or you can employ me and let me schedule the posts OR stay up at funny hours and work for you while you sit back and relax! Yes, that’s an option!)

One particular company I worked with always had their online audience most active from about 9pm on week nights. Generally speaking they were mums with young children and once dinner was done, kids were all in bed and they could finally relax, they would head to their computers or mobile devices with a cuppa (or a wine!) and catch up on their social media.

So we targeted the campaigns specifically at around this time and with wording and images that would capture their attention. Did we ever pay for Facebook ads? No. Did we attract new clients into the business? Yes. Even if it didn’t happen immediately, it happened over time.

Still confused? Still have no idea what analytics are or where to find them and how to extrapolate them in your favour?

Then you need some Media Flair.

Find out how to read your back end! Yes, I can help with that! Learn how to engage your audience, get your posts seen/liked and shared!

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