5 Day Money Manifesting Mastermind

 Ready to unlock your old “money stories” and unleash your abundance?


A FREE 5-day fun program designed to unlock your full potential and allow abundance to flow with grace and ease.

Each day there will be a Facebook LIVE video to watch and engage with and some FUN easy "home play" tasks to do in your own time.

A private Facebook community for sharing and empowering your journey.

You ARE Worthy!

We are ALL born abundant beings full of bliss and joy.

The rollercoaster events of life can affect this, so now, let’s tap back into your own unlimited potential with the support of a dedicated coach and a community of like-minded souls.


Day 1 - Identifying limiting beliefs

We dig into the beliefs around money that we may have acquired during childhood, or from loved ones, partners or elders. Do they still serve? Are they accurate? What role does Gratitude play?

Day 2 - Re-framing old "money stories"

Let’s cancel/clear anything that is in the way and unlock the ability for wealth to flow towards you. Abundance is our birthright. 

Day 3 - Healing our relationship with money

Good relationships, bad relationships, great relationships. We’ve had them all. We now focus on our new relationship with money and a strong declaration which will call it in

Day 4 - Taking radical responsibility

If it’s to be – then it’s up to me! Who are we spending time with? What steps are we taking to change things so that money can flow freely in our lives? Inspiration and ideas to create more wealth.

Day 5 - Bringing it all together

How inner work and strategy combine to create success. It’s yours for the asking. Ready to impact the world with the beautiful energy of money and freedom? 


Jodie T.

"It really made me think about the good in my life"

Working with Lisa really made me think about the good in my life, you know “accentuate the positive”, plus see the good in the bad, that’s right – even finding gratitude in the ugly situations. Learning to FLIP IT and change your stories and limiting beliefs.

Lisa is an amazing coach. So knowledgeable & supportive.

She is absolute proof that you can change your life. Manifesting by “going gratefully” works. You have been invited to take part in one of her masterminds? Lucky you! In short – just do it!

Ally C.

"Whoever thought that it could be so easy to change the direction of your life"

Whoever thought it could be so easy to change the direction of your life, your finances, your mindset.

Lisa was encouraging, supportive, and championed my every move – even those that I had trouble believing in! My only regret – I wish I had known these things years ago!

BUT I am GRATEFUL for having these tools at my fingertips now… Because there’s no time like the present.

Lisa, from the bottom of my heart, THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU.”

Helen S.

"Thank you Lisa. I’ve seriously loved doing this program!"

Thank you Lisa. I’ve seriously loved doing this program’. I’m a private person and would not normally subscribe to something like this online or with a small group…so I am really thankful for a family member getting me on board! 😊 I decided to focus on a few specific areas in my life while doing the daily ‘sessions’ and have had breakthroughs, and am on track with manifesting some intentions. Seriously chuffed!! What I loved about being part of the group is that it was a ‘safe space’ to be, no pressure was applied, and Lisa has a natural ability to make others comfortable. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.”

Nikki O.

"This mastermind came to me at a time that I was really searching for a change and turn around in my life.

– This mastermind came to me at a time that I was really searching for a change and turn around in my life.

I felt safe and supported. What a blessing it all was!

Lisa and the community showed me how daily being conscious of the good things in my life instead of focusing on the bad can turn things around in all areas – physically, spiritually, socially and YES, financially.

Thank you so much, I even lost weight! xxx .”

If we don't take ACTION and change what we have been doing, then we will stay on the treadmill. Have you heard of Einstein's definition of INSANITY:


“Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

– Albert Einstein

About Lisa

LISA LORNA BLAIR is  a conscious entrepreneur passionate about creating wealth, wellness and freedom.

An inspired coach, Gratitude Goddess, Manifestor and a founding member of The Freedom Era who loves to travel, inspire others and break through money blocks using simple tools, hacks and strategies that have helped thousands of others in her community. 

From manifesting things the WRONG way and discovering the power of how “thoughts become things” Lisa then began applying Gratitude to all areas of her life and now her life is filled with abundance, flexibility, time freedom, fresh focus and joy.

Her divine purpose now is to coach and support others to do the same.

Join me for FIVE FUN FABULOUS days as we manifest together! 


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