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 Say Hello to THE NEW YOU & Go Gratefully 


A program designed to unlock your full potential and allow abundance to flow with grace and ease.

21 days of coaching, support and mindset realignment.

A private Facebook community for sharing and empowering your journey.

Why Gratitude  Coaching?

You may feel you are already a thankful person, however, there’s unlimited potential that you can tap into with the support of a dedicated coach and a community of like-minded souls.

With laser-sharp focus on gratitude in ALL areas of your life now and for all the things you desire to bring into your life, get ready to level up to new and exciting possibilities!

Gratitude & Health

If your health is an area you want to up-level, this program can give clarity on what you want to improve and how

Gratitude & Wealth

Abundance is yours, once you apply gratitude to your existing financial situation you can unlock the ability for wealth to flow towards you

Gratitude & Relationships

Good relationships, bad relationships, great relationships. We’ve had them all. Learning to be grateful for what past relationships have taught us, allows us to open the door to relationships that we crave

Gratitude & Career

A past job, a future job, a dream role? Shift any limitations to be able to see clearly the career path for you, the one that aligns your passions and makes your heart sing

Gratitude & Lifestyle

Are you grateful for where you live, how you live, the travel you’ve enjoyed? The lifestyle you’ve had until now can become even more wonderful when you bring gratitude into the picture

About Me

My passions are health, wealth and wellness using good food, mood and gratitude.

An inspired coach and “freedompreneur”who loves to travel, I am genuinely grateful for the energy of money and time freedom.

Through my own journey with applying Gratitude to all areas of life my days are now filled with abundance, flexibility, focus and joy.

My mission now is to coach and support others to do the same. – Lisa


Jodie T.

"It really made me think about the good in my life"

What can I say about Go Gratefully? It really made me think about the good in my life, you know “accentuate the positive”, plus see the good in the bad, that’s right – finding gratitude in the ugly situations.

Lisa is an amazing coach. So knowledgeable & supportive. She is absolute proof that “going gratefully” works. In short – just do it!

Ally C.

"Whoever thought that it could be so easy to change the direction of your life"

Whoever thought that it could be so easy to change the direction of your life, simply by learning how to develop a truly felt “Attitude of Gratitude”.

Lisa was encouraging, supportive, and championed my every move – even those that I had trouble believing in! My only regret – I wish I had known this years ago! BUT I am GRATEFUL for having these tools at my fingertips now… Because there’s no time like the present.

Lisa, from the bottom of my heart, THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU.”

Helen S.

"Thank you Lisa. I’ve seriously loved doing ‘go gratefully’"

Thank you Lisa. I’ve seriously loved doing ‘go gratefully’. I’m a private person and would not normally subscribe to something like this on-line or with a small group…so I am really thankful for a family member getting me on board! 😊 I decided to focus on a few specific areas in my life while doing the daily ‘sessions’ and have had breakthroughs, and am on track with manifesting some intentions. Seriously chuffed!! What I loved about being part of the group is that it was a ‘safe space’ to be, no pressure was applied, and Lisa has a natural ability to make others comfortable. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.”

Nikki O.

"Go Gratefully came to me at a time that I was really searching for a change and turn around in my life.

Go Gratefully came to me at a time that I was really searching for a change and turn around in my life. Lisa and the team I got to be grateful with showed me how daily being conscious of the good things in my life not focusing on the bad can turn things around in all areas physically, spiritually, socially and financially. Thank you so much, I even lost weight! xxx .”

Go Gratefully Program Options

Grateful Me!

Yes I’m ready for 21 days of coaching and support!

Looking forward to my gratitude and manifesting journey.

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I’m grateful and coming back for more!

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